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Building a kids playroom or anything can be very costly and takes a lot of thought, but it does not prevent parents from providing a decent play room to make them happy. Now there is a super creative way how to make kids playroom felt so good without you having to spend a lot of budget. There is something about a cardboard house that I love so much, this is a practical solution for building private space where children can play with their own world, and this is the feeling that teaches kids could maintain and own their own homes.  [ Read More ]

Choosing safe and fun child furniture for them is not an easy thing, and today I will take you to one of the collections that will make you want to place it in a kids room decoration. This kids furniture is 100% safe that invites them to have fun and stimulate their imagination. Avlia is a traditional furniture system for children that makes them love it. Designed by Natasa Njegovanovic, an Industrial Design student of the Architecture Faculty of the University of Zagreb, Croatia. She pointed out that the simplest things it can really fill a room. Inspired by farm animal  [ Read More ]

Among the many modern kids toys, sometimes we miss traditional toys where we are ever so happy to have them. Who has never had a wooden rocking horse? As we grow up and become parents, I miss long riding with the children on a wooden rocking horse. The designer Constantin Bolimond answered my dream to create a line of toy rocking horse but very different from the toy that we once knew. If it is usually a rocking horse toy inspired by horses or other farm animals, these toys are monsters in an attempt to help children overcome their fears  [ Read More ]

I always like the Ikea hack especially for kids furniture, the more we get enough of them and the more we seek it, the more hacks we will find. Choosing furniture for kids room does not need anything complicated, which is why I chose the Ivar cabinet because they are easy to create. You can even change the look with just a can of paint. Ikea Ivar design is actually very simple, but that’s what makes me love it, in the look of natural raw wood you can freely paint anything there. Do not children like the colorful look? While  [ Read More ]

Kids and swings are inseparable. It does not matter whether you have it outside or not, whether you like it or not, a swing is what your child needs to be happy about. The swing is a little thing that you can apply in the nursery, it is associated with something beautiful, light and cheerful. This post will inspire you to enter the child’s swing to the decor of the room because I think that the swing is a must for children’s rooms. This is an interesting idea when it can be a means of play, a space divider or  [ Read More ]