Traditional Kids Furniture With Farm Animal Inspired

Choosing safe and fun child furniture for them is not an easy thing, and today I will take you to one of the collections that will make you want to place it in a kids room decoration. This kids furniture is 100% safe that invites them to have fun and stimulate their imagination. Avlia is a traditional furniture system for children that makes them love it. Designed by Natasa Njegovanovic, an Industrial Design student of the Architecture Faculty of the University of Zagreb, Croatia. She pointed out that the simplest things it can really fill a room. Inspired by farm animal on the Slovania ranch, her hometown. This is really unusual, look at how you can find a large cow-shaped table, a dog and cat converted into a bench or adorable pig turns into a toy box. Wait until you see the chicken-shaped children’s storage timber with modern lines, I think this design is absolutely stunning.

Kids usually do not like complicated things, it makes it very simple furniture lines but this animal still has a great influence. This is the perfect way to improve their imagination and accompany them to grow. Designers seem to want to make a piece that combines games and traditional furniture that can be easily kids loved. This piece shows the importance of having fun in kids world, even through the furniture. Here Avlia, furniture can create the perfect learning space to enjoy time and fun games.

The design is really pure, something that can be loved by both children and adults. In addition the use of natural materials in the furniture adds artistic value, such as oak from Slavonia. The main reason for this choice is that designers want to include Slavonia and the natural beauty of the village and its traditions. Take a look at some of the kids furniture collections below and you will realize that this work is amazing!

source: behance


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