Terho and Tatti lamps has two different lighting and you can select as needed, for ceiling lighting and table lamps. This lamp is designed by Maija Puoskari, uniquely shaped like an umbrella with wood that allow optimal light spread. You can stylish shades when hanging indoors or put in a room. Tatti (Porcino, Boletus edulis) is a cozy table lamp. There is two different hat pieces to choose from. Tatti is designed to go along with Terho lamp series. Materials are opal white mouth-blown glass and Finnish alder. Terho is a ceiling lamp series designed for homes and public spaces.  [ Read More ]

Floor lamp that is named Fire Lamp inspired by the form campfire and designed by Creative Session. It has a simple lamp design with three legs as the pedestal, these lamps provide lighting from a single bulb is placed in the middle of buffer. You can create your own lamp of creative concepts shown, reminds us of childhood experience in which campfire to be part of memories. These ideas are very beautiful lamp with a choice of white and pink on cable, put it on interior lights up like a living room, bedroom or kids room would have been nice.  [ Read More ]

Practical desk lamp suitable for accompanying your desk or office desk, desk lamps comes with Satechi LED display touch screen controls are easy to use. This light has a range of light intensity mode, adjust the brightness and meets every requirement of lighting required. Satechi desk lamps are highly energy efficient, consume 1/8th of power an incandescent lamp, which means that about half of power fluorescent bulbs. Long-lasting lamp life becomes flagship of this product, table lamps can light up more than 40,000 hours with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90. Safety factor is very important for an office  [ Read More ]

Kids wall lights has a cute and adorable design, made of wooden oak smoke with creative themes to their own choosing. This lamp is designed by Ferm Living, a Denmark-based company that specializes in captivating aesthetic objects with where graphic design plays a major role. Lighting nursery can not be separated from wall lamps, creative themes like clouds, cars, trees, deer and mushrooms are very close to world of children. Ferm Living offers wall lamps design with first-class picture, high quality and very environmentally friendly. So the kids can sleep comfortably without fear of radiation from the lamp endanger their  [ Read More ]

Antique chandelier designed from Troika uses circle design to create lighting of the LED that form a geometric pattern and make light visible overlap. Antique chandelier is the main attraction of Troika to get brighter lighting techniques of manipulation of light itself, the principle of widening lighting chandeliers create a function work well. Royal Society Of Arts seem to find resonance of natural light of values art and heritage that has existed since 1975, they made it a part of the improvement project was carried out by Matthew Lloyd Architects. This chandelier large Fresnel lenses are useful for generating high-power  [ Read More ]