This attic apartment located in Moscow, Russia, using eclectic interior and suppress their budgets. Expanded visual space with lots of white color for the walls, furniture, and decorating the ceiling, it was done to get around the vast attic that is not too big. Splash red or pink color is shown to reduce the clutter space, apartment was also equipped with real fireplace that makes it even more convenient. For high ceilings, designer added as a kind of balcony floor and is now used as a storage space for everything. Another practical storage solutions that others here lies in the  [ Read More ]

Exclusive apartment with two roof terraces, has views of the sun from sunrise to sunset and see the beauty of the pier. This apartment has a good floor plan and offers a lovely living room with exit to the second terrace, equipped with two bedrooms, walk-in closet, two bathrooms and separate laundry room. Many parts of windows and high ceilings allow generous home completely bathed in light. There is a balcony with dining room and living room together, this area is integrated with kitchen in an open floor plan and the social. You can live with the sea as the  [ Read More ]

I want to take you to see the bohemian-style apartments in Madrid, Spain. I really fell in love with every detail and a lot of classical elements in it, the whole space has inspired me and share with you. Photographer Manolo Yllera perpetuate these loft apartments and serves as studio lights. Mostly I love every decoration of this apartment, like wood on a white screen with a room divider, east ornaments also look beautiful for a selection of Moroccan rugs, but my favorite is the living room that shows clear bohemian element. source: decor8blog

This attic apartment completely filled with Scandinavian design, has an 135 square meters and a lot of space which is amazing. The interior is filled with plenty of light and comfort. Mix of classic style and shabby chic touches make these apartments special, you will see it on the white decor, floor with brick, or even wood beams to walls and ceiling. To expand the interior space created intentionally to open, an old fireplace in the kitchen, lights and some cutlery fashioned from brass more perfect. There is a master bedroom window facing the sky makes you sleep more enjoyable,  [ Read More ]

Attic apartments with shelving provides shelter as well a smart solution. Eaux-Vixes Apartments by Amaldi Neder Architects are in duplicate a building built for whole families who want to benefit from existence of neighboring gardens. You can see it through glass canopy, lets you enjoy outdoor scenery indefinitely. It integrates attic apartment design in center of storage system, there are bookcases, stairs, and railings as a single architectural statement. Living room and dining room extension to deliberately increase the visual experience and provide spaciousness. Perimeter walls be used to unify various furniture in the house. This apartment ideas also take  [ Read More ]