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Wallpaper murals by Eazywallz exhibit attractive designs and suitable for those who want the look of a professional. Unlike its predecessor, this time wallpaper murals allow designers and homeowners to replace personal photos, pictures of nature, animals, or a pattern in interior wallpaper. In addition to keeping your walls and make it last longer, nor is there a wallpaper design and image size limits to be applied to cabinets, offices, and every room. Wallpaper can be removed and refitted to taste, while we know that once glue permanently in the wall, it does give an advantage because you can put  [ Read More ]

Bedroom walls can be transformed into a stunning feature walls by Glamora, you can choose your own line innovative interior design of the diverse collection of trendy. Each style is shown in colors and creative patterns that light up, make bedroom design more varied. There are many interesting themes like florals, exotic animal prints, green plants and a motive for an adorable nursery. Wall coverings can also serve for a longer wall treatments, in addition to showing work of modern art. Glamora making wall coverings with top quality, can last long, resistant to fire and water when washed. Digital vinyl  [ Read More ]