Homeowners Kristin Harrison spent two years renovating space inside historic house located at 1909 Pasadena, California. Kitchen became his main concern when he began working with interior designers Charmean Neithart and Warren Techentin architecture to create an attractive kitchen design with vintage authenticity combined with modern facilities. This kitchen has beadboard ceiling painted aqua color, kitchen cabinets with beautiful wallpapers and much more. Check them out along with more photos taken by Erika Bierman, so you should not miss! source: houseofturquoise

Classic kitchens looks evergreen was designed by Centro Style Ged where recovery naturalness and simplicity reinforced by use of ash wood from controlled reforestation, drained and cut into kitchen furniture with integrated. Inspired by 18th century were marked by a door with frame (24 mm) of ash wood veneer center panel is lowered, either smooth or threaded. You can choose between 5 different versions painted or painted with cold water to natural wax. To model this kitchen supplied framed glass doors, with a wide and transparent glass. Available handles or knobs antique style or buttons made ceramic. Storage using classic  [ Read More ]