Contemporary apartments bring our attention to a beautiful loft from Praia Brava, Brazil which bring approach contemporary art to design. This apartment was designed by CASAdesign Interior, main concept of this space is placed artful and lighting. From floor to ceiling windows allowing natural light to enter, but when evening modern light fixtures placed to bring attention to the decor and stunning art throughout this room. Equipment highlight details in each room, make design come alive. The choice of colors and plants are added to break up the color scheme visually. Walls full of art galleries featuring characters and make  [ Read More ]

Do you have a pet, especially a cat? I-CHI cat house is a contemporary apartments designed for your pet. Has a cat friend who always accompany and wait for your return will be very fun, especially if you appreciate a place to stay that was made specifically to accommodate pet owners. This apartment idea has some the ins and other elements to the playground cats, we can say this is one of the lucky cats. I was impressed with the design of the apartments with dramatic black accents running along the room, a wall full of shelves almost around the  [ Read More ]

This apartment requires only a small area, but spacious which makes it charming. Taking concept of contemporary art into line the room, KO+KO architects have managed to create an apartment for the future. It was supposed to put two additional bedrooms and a studio where artists can stay friends, and can also be used as a personal gallery. Domination white, gray, black, wood, brick and concrete surfaces make the free interaction of horizontal and vertical volume of the unitary semantic functional areas. Apartment ideas with modern touches that characterize apartment to show a spirit courage, but remains masculine in nature.  [ Read More ]