Easter is always celebrated by Christians around the world who fell in the first week in April. For Easter, the following is inspiring with vintage Easter decor that draw from the past, but what could be more fun than combining two things together. Vintage easter ideas you can create yourself, take some old porcelain collection, use vases shabby chic, ornate eggs, and spring flowers. For decor eggs were also given a classic accent wrapped with vintage lace and paper. Add a natural atmosphere with nests, feathers, birds, and silver tableware to enhance your Easter. Perhaps the image below to make  [ Read More ]

Have you prepared everything to welcome easter this year? Home decorating with the easter theme is very enjoyable, especially when done with friends or family. Wonderful easter decor always synonymous with eggs and bunnies, you can gives garnish on the dining table or make a colorful touch. You do not need to decorate your own eggs or the hassle of making a lot of options, because many stores have sold a collection of easter decorations at affordable prices. Complete easter day with joy also makes cakes and drinks for everyone, here are easter decorating ideas with a wide selection of  [ Read More ]