The living room and fireplace cannot be separated, this is the most common decoration that we often encounter in every home with cold weather conditions. That is why a fireplace is often referred to as the heart of your home. But when it came cozy autumn day, the fireplace does not function without firewood and warm blankets are usually always there. So, instead of having to let it not work, there are still creative ways to redecorate your fireplace into an amazing decoration. This is about making use of things that don’t work at home to the maximum like a  [ Read More ]

There is a practical ways creating a romantic atmosphere in the house. Fireplace candle should not burn anything, candles are a wonderful way to bring warmth and love. I have put together some cool collection to transform underutilized space into something inviting. Wood as a candle holder is a perfect idea imitate a real fire, it is very safe because they do not really need a big fire. Fireplace screen also fine idea to display the wax with a romantic ways, just choose a design that suits your interior. I myself prefer the vintage style, this look always gives a  [ Read More ]