Need inspiration for a beautiful home page that can make your heart calm? Maybe the Japanese courtyard decor ideas is what you are looking for. Japanese decor is mostly known for its unique history and tradition, a way of life in society which still holds the traditions of discipline and show the beauty of the simple things that they show at every decor both indoor and outdoor room. Japanese people don’t like complicated things because they prefer to live in a quiet and peaceful house rather than having to live in a mansion but not make them happy. Even so,  [ Read More ]

Japanese garden was always famous for its history and rich tradition, stunning minimalist decor and natural talent to show the beauty in simple things. But not only that, the Japanese designers also managed to mix the style of modern home decor with nature. This time I want to show Japanese that inspired courtyard garden, traditional Japanese style and minimalist environment combined with courtyard really looks comfortable and harmonious. Pond and grass with bamboo fountain characterizes Japanese garden that looked as relaxed oasis in a minimalist style. I always like how a piece of Japanese decor like a natural blend with  [ Read More ]