Take advantage of unused stuff such as bottles for your kitchen interior. Make lighting kitchen with RGB color glass will attract attention and gave spotlight unique into inside room. This kitchen lamp designed by Arik Levy for glass collection companies Lasvit, shaped lights bottles who hanging together-equally within several groups creating synthesis colors who amazing. Lamp consists from one color translucent white with pieces lots of colors for create shapes RGB mixing color. You could choose colors light your favorite own or make circuit lighting such as rainbow, solution easy to lighting kitchen or several rooms in inside house. source  [ Read More ]

Modern kitchen designed by Italian designer Roberto Pezzetta and awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum of Architecture and Design. The kitchen is successfully received “Good Design Award 2009”. This kitchen ideas using amazing lights and is characterized by the opposition between linearity and smooth, and signs of life in same mix to great effect. This project uses a unique chemical and physical properties of materials such as kitchen furniture (thickness 24 mm), satin glass is available in 7 colors and a frame-mounted, aluminum painted black or black with epoxy resin that provides high durability against corrosion. You can turn kitchen with  [ Read More ]