IKEA PS Maskros is a project pendant lamp with decorative patterns to the ceiling and walls. This lamp was designed by Designer Marcus Arvonen inspired from dandelion ready scattered by the wind, and when the light shadow on the wall as to resemble. The room becomes soluble and transformation such as when the sun shines through the trees pendant lamp is a real mood. This pendant lamp is very beautiful, decorative and riveting even when the lights are turned off. You can put IKEA lamp in any room, take a look at some collection of pendant lamp to inspire! source:  [ Read More ]

Terho and Tatti lamps has two different lighting and you can select as needed, for ceiling lighting and table lamps. This lamp is designed by Maija Puoskari, uniquely shaped like an umbrella with wood that allow optimal light spread. You can stylish shades when hanging indoors or put in a room. Tatti (Porcino, Boletus edulis) is a cozy table lamp. There is two different hat pieces to choose from. Tatti is designed to go along with Terho lamp series. Materials are opal white mouth-blown glass and Finnish alder. Terho is a ceiling lamp series designed for homes and public spaces.  [ Read More ]