This apartment is completely white make us feel cold and maybe a little classic, but a combination of unique pieces and an extra splashes color makes apartment into a place you never want to leave. Everyone loved the Scandinavian style, seen in every part of the apartment is well organized, decorated with lots of flavor and amount of light that blends with the white walls. One that I like is the combination of antique wooden furniture with modern pieces, this combination gives personality to a remarkable space. So from now on do not waste your old furniture or antique decor,  [ Read More ]

Small apartment ideas allowed us to save a lot of space, may measure up to a little more generous than the humble proportions in some town houses, but overall this is quite simple apartment space is filled with a lot of inspiration about how to organize the space without sacrificing beauty. This cozy apartment is visualized by Ipnosy Studio, using small image with a bright color background really neutral to stimulate the eye in a small environment. Round dining table allows ease of movement around the dining area when not in use and avoid hip meet at the corners sharp  [ Read More ]

This apartment is major break from remodeling a small apartment in Brooklyn, designed by Michelle Adams and published in November issue of Lonny. Dominates traditional touch and makes it look futuristic. Various floral, horn, wood, leather and fur more perfect with the addition of a stunning white decorating. Best part of this apartment is smart storage space, collection of photographs and journals posted to help you organize your schedule. If you are a woman like an apartment in Brooklyn would be suitable as a residence. Many pieces from restoration hardware style big piece shown in apartment ideas, grab some fascinating  [ Read More ]