This awesome book bin is a DIY project that is made for girls. I think of how book bin can be very beautiful for their rooms, it is a secret cooperation with two companies to deliver book bin different feel. Gold pegs provided some lovely leg for bin, while wallpaper is used as an accent wall to line the inside of book bin. This cheap book bin which makes it perfect for kids that allows them to find where his favorite book. Although this project is very simple but I really enjoyed this project! Thanks to Audrey that has inspired  [ Read More ]

Teach your kids to read a book since childhood by giving a special place to read. Currently the development of technology allows the use e Readers and Nook, though it looks easy for media to learn, kids will be more creative by reading real books. The solution is to create comfortable reading nook to facilitate they can curl up with their favorite book, reading can also be more of a fun activity. Setting up a reading nook in your home can be very easy. You can put it in the kids room, playroom or an empty space in the hallway.  [ Read More ]

Your child ready go back to school, most of them may have started to love reading but some are still reluctant, even just to simply open the book. Parents often find it difficult to encourage children to read, all done from the start gave way fairy tale books, picture books, or even educational books. Everything is as pointless as kids going to the trouble and reluctantly after a long holiday. Kids book display is an easy way to make a big change and give them a new spirit. Are you trying to put a bookshelf on the wall, grouping books  [ Read More ]