How To Decorate A Pipe Shelves for Book Storage

How To Decorate A Pipe Shelves for Book Storage – make use of unused items into something more useful will really help you, one of them making bookshelves furniture from pipeline, which consists of three levels. Iron pipes have a texture that is strong and durable, as well as two electric lights in lighting needs to add, this pipe shelves retaining natural colors. You can build your own book storage and how pipe shelves to decorate? In this post will be discussed in full make pipe shelving ideas, We want you to enjoy it to try yourself at home.

Pipe shelves has 3 levels with connecting parts of pipe with glue, the extra lights are very useful and make it easier for you to find or keep your favorite book.

If you notice, the right and left side of pipe shelves in match to make it look more harmonious, top left attach two lights while storage shelves in left part of the pipe shelves, designers want to wall decorations that are more elegant.

This is a cable in pipe, insert cable into shape of this fabric has quality and high durability and lighting is not an issue for you. It makes bookshelves storage is not as hard as we imagine, only iron pipe capitalization, lights, wires snap in with glue already created a beautiful bookshelf. We hope this article can be useful for your enriching information about pipe shelves decoration.

source : etsy


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