Wooden Tv Stands With Stylish Rounded From Leon Van Zanten

Tv stand furniture has an effect also on the convenience of watching movies, making room mini theater or enjoy relaxing in front of the tv would not be complete without tv stand that supports. We are looking for tv stands that fits modern concept but still looks beautiful if it is put in room, wooden tv stands with stylish rounded from Leon Van Zanten to be our preferred tv stands design. This wooden  tv stand with round-shaped surface of the wood is in fine varnished, very practical and environmentally friendly with natural color in the preserve. In middle of the tv stand wood there is shelf for extra storage of multimedia, tv stand is designed for versatility for tv stand plasma or lcd. Designer tv stand turns out to also pay attention to the safety factor, cable and power remain neatly with one hole behind, so far from reach of children.

source : contemporist


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