5 Fortune Wall Painting Ideas with Animal Themes

Home painting is not only for decoration but also can bring good luck. Animal themes for wall interior is believed will bring changes for your fortune. If you do not have the time or space to keep it, then you can choose as an alternative to wall painting ideas. Koi fish is a type pet fish to house decor, coming from China and widely spread in Japan. They are closely related to goldfish, and therefore many people call koi carp, which means good luck. The form is beautiful and full of colorful paintings of fish makes it much in love.

Horse painting have meaning soon became successful, or in his Chinese language Mao Kung Ma (Ma = horse, Mao = come, Kung = success). However, setting up the painting should not be arbitrary. In order for sustenance or successful entry into the house, direction toward the horse in a painting should be facing into the house.

Butterfly chrysalis begins, and turned into a beautiful shape, put painting butterflies in the house is also dedicated to give change for the better.

Peacock is a symbol of beauty. So you can choose a painting for decoration your walls next.

Maybe not everyone likes frogs. But this idea is different if we are talking about the tradition of Japanese society. For Japanese, even frogs have a special meaning, or even special.