Apartment Colors with Artwork In Madrid

Apartment colors is a special light and bright with artwork, I love to play with colors and can never get enough of the colors, as I love this apartment in Madrid. Furnishings and antique treasures full of modern pieces are beautiful, full of color to keep things interesting and improve the visual rhythm marked by the contrast.

Many curved lines mark the space, dressed in bright colors decorated with sculptures derived from Anmoder. Furthermore, The Vitra Eames Lounge Chair. On the sofa, by Antonio Citterio for B & B in Bd, a splash of color with pillows Batavia and Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith at BSB.

Large bookcase is made ??of wood as a background to the work area. Arc-shaped lights by L.A. Studio, broke straight line dictatorship. On Bd table, 60 crystal chandeliers designed by The Eight.

60 Rosenthal Vases at The Eight, urn, from Anmoder, creating a colorful sideboard crown. The room will look alive, while you still can store items with organized.

The view from the house is spectacular. A source of inspiration for the work, the home office is still a favorite place though with the work piling up.

Ancient Chinese style looks comfortable, Antique & use Teak, Anmoder emperor, coral and In Dietro Batavia. Vase, in The Eight and In Dietro. In Denmark seat cushions, silk and velvet, Shanghai Tang.

Even the bathroom is bright and cheery thanks, this little chair beachy. Art behind the sink rests on top of everything, is also evidence that even the simplest of the room does not need to be ignored.

I liked the overall decor of this apartment, pale blue paint to the ceiling in the dining room and bedroom provide soothing background to show up a little bit yellow and other colors. Blue really holds everything together, has its own subtle sheen but also allows other colors shine. The effect is one of timelessness, chic and attractive shape, with colors that feels very fresh.

In the study area, white table mod. Campo d’oro articulated Bd De Padova, antique chairs add color to the room.

Author of interior, Mercedes Perez de Castro convey this apartment design when painting. Colorful inspiration with modern and dynamic style, it is a dream for a place to live.

source : elle, apartmenttherapy


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