Beautiful Cottage House with 48 Square Meters

This cottage house only has an 48 square meters. It has five rooms and can still be found in the living room for two adults and one kids bedroom, this room can accommodate guests for an overnight at one of the lower bunk with two mattresses, even for other overnight guests. We still have a small space in which the page is pulled to sleep. It also holds two people. Beautiful cottage with replacing atmospheric space size remains pleasant place to live. Fireplace warms our little cottage, although much of spaciousness, but children love coming to play. Cottage house really gave a lot of pleasure, the main building had many renovations, replacement of doors and even paint the wood floor. Sturdy construction makes families feel safe with the front porch to tell the place. A lot of work for this cottage, but the desire has strengthen our dream cottage. Guest look summer ready with rattan furniture for room. Here’s an idea for your beautiful cottage have.

source : timeoftheaquarius


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