Electric Fireplaces With Romantic Element By Palazzetti

Electric fireplace collaboration by Palazzetti and Agatha Luis de la Prada creates a romantic element in simplicity, impressive spirit and energy of color can give new life to fireplace design “La Graciosa”. Having main motive of Agatha, the liver along with colorful representing the hallmark of Spain fireplaces designer. Rounded soft lines emphasize a romantic feel to complete this work, product of creative and cozy fireplace ideas is fully automated and programmable. Fusion modern electric fireplace and simple style like describing Palazzetti and Agatha, we liked the aesthetic dominance translated into romantic element, Agatha want to give freshness to all rooms. Palazzeti been committed in developing technologies to improve level quality of product that is functional, La Graciosa evenly distributes heat by radiation and natural convection.







source : palazzetti, decoestilo


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