Modern Doors: Best Choice iDoor Collections by Oikos

Best choice to door design for those who want to build contemporary homes. iDoor presented oikos, collection of modern door with color choices and materials as you see fit, such as glass door or wood door. Find a modern door design is a challenge because everywhere only available traditional door designs. Oikos always catch our attention, modern door manufacturer located in Northern Italy has always produced collection of modern door with smooth lines and minimalist aesthetic. So see more detail for modern style homes.

iDoor is the first armoured door for indoors which combines aesthetic and functional requirements of interior design. It is available in the flush with wall version and in the coplanar version, its components are highly versatile in terms of colours, materials for the coverings and finishing. With this innovative product Oikos satisfies the increasing need for home security combined with the preservation of privacy. iDoor can satisfy the more varied functional requirements: it can turn a normal room into a safety room or eliminate the claustrophobic feeling of a panic room with the use of appropriate materials and colours.

In the two versions flush with wall and coplanar, iDoor perfectly harmonises itself with the context where it is placed: in the flush with wall version iDoor is aligned with the wall where it is fitted, while in the coplanar assembly version it is enriched with an elegant perimeter frame. The patented hinge of iDoor was designed and manufactured by Oikos and allows for a 180° rotation of the leaf maintaining the complete coplanarity of the door to the wall.

The finishing elements do not have any visible screws. They are available in Aluminium in four possible colours: Electro-galvanised Black, White, Brushed Steel. iDoor’s maximum height is 270 cm maintaining high technical anti-burglar, sound insulation and fireproof standards.

The wide range of finishing available allows iDoor to perfectly integrate into any living context and to be perceived as a designer door. Oikos, with this innovative product, can satisfy the increasing need for security with a solution which as a result of its special coverings does not affect the interior design and becomes invisible.


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