The Water Discus Underwater Hotel Located In Dubai

Underwater hotel located in Dubai offers deep ocean technology and exotic underwater scenery. This water discus hotel consists of two parts underwater and above water, the concept of the hotel allows guests to enjoy stunning sea shades while you can also relax in the sun. The structure consists of a five-foot building that solid foundation that leads to sea and consists of a vertical shaft and stair lifts. There is a large swimming pool that marks top of disc with satellite on the side. Glass-walled alleys will take you to the training pool for diving, underwater restaurant, spa area for relaxation and recreation for whole family.

Bedroom under water becomes interesting things that you should try it yourself, guests will be pampered with deep sleep in ocean, or a warm climate bath on deck. This hotel is located in central coral reef alive with marine life that is still natural, while sophisticated lighting system eliminates dark impression under the sea. Facilities such as underwater vehicles bring you admire the depth of sea comes macro photography. If you do not already have plans for the holidays, should you need to see an underwater hotel designs as reference following a nice holiday.

source : home-designing