Top 10 Window Boxes with Flower Decorations

April and May into a sunny summer with many floral decorations. We love the window boxes, especially putting some potted flowers and plants as decoration when the sun came up. Top 10 window box will inspire you to make small garden from the window box, say goodbye to winter and snow, because the room you have to be fresh and beautiful.

Sunflowers have bright colors and make the room brighter, you simply place it on glass pot without compromising beauty. Bedroom or work space seemed appropriate for this type of flower.

If you have collection of colorful ceramic then you can turn it into flower pot, select plants according to color your flower pots to window boxes in living rooms.

For those of you who have large side window, choose a large pot with similar plants may be a sweet alternative in room ideas.

Mug can also be used as a flower pot with a little creativity, a unique mug designs and attractive colors will give an individual touch on a windows box. So you will save money because you can still take advantage of home furnishings as ornament.

Decorations of red and white flowers make your window box more colorful, feminine style you can get for this summer.

This is our favorite, flower pot made rattan gives more air cavities for plants, while making room more beautiful.

This flower pot design for you with window boxes that does not have the edge, making hanging flower pot into a smart solution and you can still decorate room.

Concept of small and large flower pots are also interesting for window decoration, but you need to make two different types of pots to make it more interesting. Glass with plastic pots, wooden pots with marble and much more.

Kitchen is most important part of your home, making it more green room would have been nice. Put some potted plants near the sink so it is easier watering.

So You have seen Top 10 Window Boxes with Flower Decorations, we would be happy to hear if useful for beautify room your and do not forget for commented. Congratulations to welcome summer!

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