10 Latest Collection Of Laundry Room Ideas

After long time no write ideas laundry room, we come back with latest collection of laundry room 2014. Laundry room itself will have a very nice, no more dirty laundry piling up or have to spend time going to the laundry lease. Here we collected 10 laundry room consisting of a variety of creative design and color, you can even discover how to utilize the small room to be used as a laundry room, do not miss!

The simple design does not make it boring laundry room, a good arrangement and selection of bright colors look cool with handmade chandelier.

Decorative white looks clean and spacious for the room, such as the laundry room with the following bit of accessories, you can add a little blue in there and woow .. The laundry room is amazing!

Give more light to your laundry room! combination of blue and white is the perfect color that you can try, for some people the bright laundry room is also a cool alternative.

Storage space is an important part of a small space, you can put clothes basket or make a versatile storage rack, some hanging racks can also you choose!

Laundry room is small can be beautiful with furnishings that support, I love the storage bag on top of cupboard and small pot in there!

Impression of luxury and elegance instantly felt after seeing this laundry room ideas, uniquely shaped tiles with wood cabinets like being an interesting mixture. Will be enough space to store your clothes now!

Laundry room is very comfortable with little ornaments. Pastel blue for the walls and only a few storage cabinets. Despite this laundry room looks so sweet.

For those of you who are confused to put photo wall, maybe you can use the laundry room now. Laundry room decorating is fun and this is one of them, you agree?

The laundry room looks adorable, wall paper and handmade creations adorn the room. You can take some of their creative ideas!

A little greenery gives a fresh impression in the laundry room, let the incoming air by making the windows and open vents, laundry room is actually my favorite.


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