30 Amazing Billiard Pool Table Ideas

There’s nothing more fun than to the home with billiard room. A recreation room in the house or recreation center with pool table, swimming pool or snooker table. Pool table can match you with types room, a pool table need enough room around the table to accommodate a wide range of furniture from all angles, while to be able to set up chairs, storage shelves and other furniture that are being or will be present. Pool table must be at least 6 feet or 1,8 meters of distance between table and any walls, furniture or other objects, on all sides and all corners table.

To support your billiards game, table lighting is also very important. Pool table needs more lighting, and multi-bulb lamps specifically designed to illuminate pool table that is most commonly used. Billiard room usually use curtains even during the daytime, this is intended to prevent excessive glare and make lighting becomes very important. When you want to choose pool table has a limited selection. It all depends on your creativity and your home decor. Check out the following 30 billiard table ideas and find most appropriate inspiration!

source: pinterest


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