Cheerful Apartment With Fresh Colors

This apartment is comfortable, cheerful and fresh. A home for the day, so the apartment is designed for a family with three children. Miriam Alia stay there and also one of the members from Living Pink is believed to carry out reforms and decorations. Apartment is a rental that is also very well laid out. Only partitions that separate office from the kitchen to create a larger space. If not, have taken full advantage of what they have and have improved the architectural features of the old houses in the Salamanca district of Madrid, where the apartment is located. High ceilings decorated with prints and some of the walls, such as a child’s bedroom. Vintage style handles reinforced with Zara Home and beautifully tiled kitchen cabinets lining construction. He found the house and conservatives have guided the entire decor of the room is from the color, furniture, and accessories. The bathroom also with hydraulic tiles Zelart has a retro atmosphere that is so interesting. Look cheerful apartment with fresh colors that soothe the following!

source: nuevo-estilo


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