DIY Outdoor Patio Seating With Stovepipe Fireplace

DIY outdoor patio is complete renovation to transform the backyard into a built-in bench with stovepipe fireplace. Previously this angle into the garbage dump for old plants and old furniture, it’s all totally different now. Comfortable seating in the back yard can be used for living room, a bed in the corner bench, and with a warm outdoor fireplace. You just need to find a construction crew (in this case your own and your partner), building supplies and a little creativity, so let’s make lots of useful places for the family!

Recently make different conversation areas, additional benches make natural waiting room, coffee table and some pillows on the floor around each one. Cocktail area as a decoration in the corner when we have been enjoying drinking coffee in the morning. To cover the rough cement floor, large outdoor rugs chosen to cover and binding space together.

If you are curious how to make DIY outdoor patio, follow these step by step to find an easy way of creating your dream backyard!

Backyard has now turned into a pleasant place to spend a weekend, I hope you like it to do many things in the corner.

source: smittenstudioonline


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