DIY Wire Cacti Garden Ideas

DIY wire cacti ideas inspired by some amazing paper and cardboard cacti on Pinterest, finally started to think to make something similar with the same path. After making some objects of wire wool wrapped like the words and hands, cacti is an attractive handicrafts. This is actually quite simple, you just need nimble fingers, some creative thinking and a little patience. The first is a soft bend wire from the hardware store into a shape cacti and then covering it with a sheet of paper. So I hope you check each step below!

You can start by wrapping wire tightly in the thread and remove the tape and paper you want. Make the shape cacti which is easy to do, entirely by hand only. When you want to wrap the wool, make sure not to give space between each loop, wire so it does not look for best results.

Once you wrap it up and then do the fun part, adding a little tufts of colorful feathers. All will surely love the cactus blossoms, you can make some funny cacti or flower, so do not stop to find a lot of creative things.

source: justinablakeney


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