FIFA World Cup 2014 Stadium Photos In Brazil

Fifa world cup 2014 has been underway in Brazil and stadium became the main place to hold the world’s most prestigious sporting event. Many countries from all over the world come and compete at the stadium to prove who is the best, this project by Brazilian photographer Leonardo Finotti examines the architecture and social impact of the stadium that hosted the first game will begin in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian government is planning to build and renovate stadiums for the series of twelve international games during the world cup this year, starting in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro ends in within a month.

In the period up to tournament organizing, media reported riots across the country as citizens protesting Brazilian government’s decision to spend money on stadium than public transportation and other critical infrastructure. Organization and construction schedules have also been put under the supervision of the coordinator, the number of deaths also increased in workers forced the government to finish on time. Brazil is a country yanag always passionate about football and are very proud of their national sport, proven design of stadium and infrastructure are always controversial.

If you are curious about the new stadium Fifa world cup 2014 stadium following photo by Finotti, although Finotti has doubts whether the tournament will prove beneficial to the spirit of the host nation if the task has been overshadowed by the failure. Whatever the controversy behind Brazil World Cup, we are all still waiting sportsmanship and the beautiful game of football clubs around the world.

source: dezeen


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