Innovative Balcony Furniture By Tim Kerp

Innovative balcony furniture is to modern lifestyle and comfort, furniture that lets you enjoy the outside from balcony as a retreat from the sun, noise and bustle of the big city. This furniture was designed by Tim Kerp, also known as SIGHT. It has a large white sphere made from woven plastic with padded interior, a window draws the eye to beautiful side of the city. Weave creates a space that allows light and air to seep through it but still provide privacy and shade for users. Position furniture can be accommodated as you wish, so you can adjust the hole wherever you want, so you can choose what sights you want to see. To make it stand, balcony furniture design is cradled in a sturdy metal frame and rounded, allowing your foot to the corner as you wish. Look at innovative balcony furniture that will inspire your life!


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