15 Cool Workspace With Washi Tape Ideas

Make cool workspace can be done with washi tape. The use of washi tape is quite a lot and have a wide selection of colors, ranging from office decorating tool to get organized, washi tape has become part of the workspace is important. Now it’s time you started to refresh your workspace, be prepared to welcome the year with pastel colors, or for you who go back to school no longer have to mess around with shopping stationery. We can decorate a beautiful pen is a nice thing for us fans of stationery, photo frames made of washi tape, decorate potted plants, stick to a calendar or coloring our computer devices are some of the usability washi tape. Rainbow pattern and mold can turn back to the old paper favorite, who definitely work space with washi tape ideas is very affordable and easy to do. Here are 15 cool washi tape to inspire you to get the best workspace!


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