20 Beautiful Kokedama String Garden Ideas

Home development today is increasing very rapidly, this makes some people must live in apartments or small house. In addition to space less extensive, residents can not freely enjoy the beauty of nature. Building an increasingly dense and limited land, a lot of people do not have a garden at home. But now there is an alternative solution to can still have a green zone at home. In addition to making vertical garden and hydroponic techniques utilizing conventional, there is a unique way that you can try. Its name is kokedama. Uniquely, with kokedama, you don’t even need a pot. Kokedama is techniques plant with moss growing media. This method is the traditional arts from Japan. Kokedama also called Japanese moss balls. Land planted seeds and moss round shaped (usually of coconut shell). If most of us use pot as a growing medium, then kokedama is art without a pot plant. Precisely moss ball that is acting as a place to grow plants. Kokedama also can be hung like a terrarium and hanging plants in pots, of course, this method is very useful for you who have limited space. Here are 20 kokedama string garden ideas that will make your room into a more green!



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