20 Modern And Minimalist Staircase Designs

Staircase become one part interior design is very important if you live in a two-storey house or home level. Its main function as a liaison between the bottom floor with the top floor, but staircase also serves as an addition to the beauty of the your home interior if designed with the best possible. For modern stair design, there are actually a lot of sample images and concepts that you can make reference then you apply to your home staircase. But what if design minimalist staircase created with concepts and unique models? Sure it takes a very high creative ideas to produce a design of this staircase. The easiest thing is you can ask for help a professional architect or designer. In this post I will give you 20 modern and minimalist staircase designs I gather from some of the world’s leading architects. Hope can help you!

source: pinterest


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