Haruki’s Apartment: Super Small And Stylish Designs

Haruki’s apartment has a total area 35.7 square meters. Located in first floor of two floors brick building in the historic city center. There are many questions for interior designers they choose, the result is the design team at The Goort managed to create a versatile and stylish space. The apartments are located in Mariupol, Ukraine equipped with furniture and storage options that provide many different configurations. This minimalist apartments provide plenty of space to host a dinner party, watching movies, and even overnight guests. These houses also called the “pre-revolutionary”. The building once housed the printing office of first newspaper in the city, before becoming a standard apartment and then took a loft design. The current owners are a young couple who choose the format of the modern city apartments, spacious and bright with minimalist furniture and maximum outreach functions.

The biggest part of this apartment in lounge zone, they really change the appearance is very fast and easy. The apartment owners are also people who are very friendly, so they have a lot of friends and a lot of reasons to meet with them, including meetings in home. No wonder if the apartment is equipped with plenty of entertainment space for many friends and companions.

source: thegoort


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