Imagination And Simplicity Kids Furniture From KUTIKAI

Kutikai is a breakthrough that offers ecological and creative furniture for kids, but it is more than that because this is furniture that opens the door to creativity. Most products Kutikai is all about nature, imagination and simplicity. Kutikai believe that a child’s imagination has no limits, a place where kids can do anything and anyone. Watch our kids play and discover the world around us is the most inspiring thing, so Kutikai want to create furniture that is safe, ecological and beautifully designed but also give the child the freedom to create.

Kutikai offers two collections of kids furniture, from cribs and toddler bed, dresser with changing tables, shelves, cabinets and desks. Both collections have elements of secrecy and surprise. Roof collection will transform any room into a playground, a table for drawing could be home to play or secret lair. A bed with a roof will turn into a pirate ship or a castle, a natural color birch plywood make a fine backdrop for live and play. Following is kids furniture from Kutikai and please also check out some their accessories collection that is difficult for you to miss out!


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