Terrarium Table Lamps With Handmade Paper Lampshade

Terrarium lamp design is quite unique, at least different from the light in general and among the many things you can buy on the site etsy. I think it is a perfect example of how with a little ingenuity we can unite the different parts and decorate our criteria for something better and more useful. Very clever combination between lamps design and terrarium pots.

From The Designer,

“This minimalist geometric table lamp adds a new dimension to the concept of the “lamp”. The lampshade frame perched atop the glass base, is welded from cold rolled steel and covered in handmade paper. The cord snakes out the side, between the shade and the glass, leaving the glass base empty to fill with whatever may inspire you.

The tall handmade paper lampshade accentuates the linear quality of the glass vase, making a simple, clean, and modern table lamp. The lampshade and electrical components hover an inch above the glass base, with nickle plated hardware and clear rubber coated feet gripping the glass. Using it as a terrarium, display case, or just simply for light, this lamp is a unique addition to any living space. As with most lamps, the design is at it’s best when lit. The light bulb illuminates the unique natural texture of the handmade kozo paper with feather accent, the clear glass base and cloth covered electrical cord snaking out from the side.

The lamp measures 21 inches tall, with its base and lampshade measuring 10 inches wide. Perfect for a bedside table, shelf, or any space that could use a unique lighting solution. The beige retro styled cloth covered cord is 6 feet long from the base of the lamp with an inline lamp cord switch to easily turn on/off the lamp. The cord ends with a stylish white plug.”


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