10 Cheap DIY Indoor Herb Containers

There are many advantages to grow fresh herbs in indoor, one of which gives a special flavor to every time you eat. For this to happen then you must have an indoor herb garden that will provide fresh herbs throughout the day. This way you have to start DIY project of your own organic plants, I think it would be safer to use herbs. The first thing you need is some herb container that you can create your own so plant looks incredible, it can also easily be a great decoration for your room. This post will show you how to make cheap herb container with a low budget for your favorite herbs. In fact, you only need to utilize the items around your home in a short time and using just a few simple things. So what are you waiting, let’s start DIY project that will inspire you to create your own herb garden.

Teacup Herb Favors

Take advantage of vintage teacup stored in cabinets. This idea is quite interesting because you could turn them into a herb pots. All you need is teacups, potting soil and herbs. The result you will see a pot full of unique works of art to decorate useful in your kitchen.

Clothespin Herb Container

If you would rather simple ways then container herb with DIY clothespin is what you need. You can use a wooden clothespin to create a herb garden that will look good in your kitchen window.

DIY Herb Garden Pots

This is probably the easiest among other DIY projects. Plain terracotta pot and add a few ornaments cute indoor herb garden, you will need some terracotta pots, white acrylic paint, paint brushes, spices and ground. Use paint to decorate the pot with cute theme such as polka dots, for example, and write herbs of each of them.

DIY Mason Jars Herb Container

Mason jar most often used as pot plants, in addition to practical mason jars also easy to get. To give a different look, you can hang them on the wood and add herbs in every part of mason jars.

DIY Twinings Herb Container

Placing an herb garden right in the window become everyone’s favorite. Choosing your favorite herbs and place on Twinings tea containers vacated. This way you’ve got to see vintage and eco-friendly.

DIY Pint Mason Jars Herb Gardens

Pint mason jar container looks cool on your kitchen table and easy to make. Fill the bottom mason jars with gravel then add plants. Then you just need to make a cute label with the name of a certain herbs and you will have the most adorable little herbs.

Tin Can Herb Gardens

This idea is most cheap that can easily be made. Only tin cans attached to a piece of wood, then plant your favorite herbs.

Coffee Mugs Herb Containers

Hanging pegboard with hooks, and plant herbs in just a few of your coffee mugs. This is place to use charcoal and gravel in the bottom since they have no natural drainage, but talk about personality for the kitchen.

Kitchen Canisters Herb Gardens

Use old aluminium kitchen canisters to grow your favorite herbs. Do not forget to drill holes in the bottom of the canisters as the water out. Put them in a sunny location and easy to water regularly, you will always have fresh herbs to use in your kitchen throughout the year.

DIY Drawers Herb Containers

This idea is very easy, you just need some old drawer and insert a small pot in it. I recommend entering the pot herb into the first drawer if you often need.


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