10 Cute And Adorable Ways To DIY Pokemon

Maybe some of us have known pokemon, especially if you were born in the 90’s. Pokemon is an anime that use animals as fighters. More recently gaming world, especially in smartphone trending play a new game pokemon GO. In this game players are required to compete ran going out, traveling to specific location, and catch monsters called pokemon.

Inspired by game pokemon GO, this post featuring 10 cute and adorable ways to make DIY pokemon in your home. You can find a variety of creative ideas from changing bedroom with pokemon theme, pokemon wall art, bedroom lamps, or even a cool furniture in the living room. Let’s see what can be done with this cute game theme for home decor!

1. Pokemon Bedroom Theme

Bedroom with Pokemon theme designed for kids bedroom. Although it looks narrow, but various decorations pokemon still can make children feel comfortable with their world.

2. Pikachu And Raichu Wall Art

Pikachu and Raichu are two main characters in game pokemon GO. Placing their wall art and would look great for any space.

3. Nursery Wall Decoration

For you who have babies and love to play the game Pokemon. You can choose pokemon wall decorations for the nursery. Anime is likely to be suitable for all ages.

4. Boys Pokemon Bedroom

Good news for boys. Bedroom pokemon will make each of your friends jealous because you have the world its own pokemon in the bedroom.

5. DIY Pokemon Wall Art

Pokemon DIY project is suitable for you who live in college. Collect various pokemon wall stickers and decorate it in dorm walls.

6. Large Pokemon Walls

Pokemon large Walls is the easiest way to convert your room into pokemon theme. Just add some pictures of cute character to start this project.

7. Pokemon Game Table

If you get bored with the game Pokemon GO smartphone. This table furniture may be used as an alternative. Put them in any room according to your wishes.

8. Poke Balls Alarm Clock

You must be familiar with Pokeballs? Pokeballs alarm clock will complement your pokemon decor. You will be reminded when to get up and hunt pokemon.

9. Pokeballs Night Light

Pokeball nightlight is an interesting choice for complement bedroom lighting. The design is simple and easy in placement make this lamp you must have.

10. Pokemon Shower Curtain

It’s hard not to fall in love with this pokemon shower curtain. Unique and colorful design complete with a variety of Pokemon characters. The players pokemon will be pleased to have them as shower curtain.


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