10 IKEA RIBBA Picture Ledges For Storage Solutions

IKEA RIBBA picture ledges is what you need for storage solutions. They are versatile which allows you to quickly and easily swap art in and out according to your wishes. Actually, without you realize they are much more flexible and able to complete all of your storage problems. This post will show you 10 ways to use IKEA picture ledges that will inspire you to get a best storage solution. Scroll down!

Children Book Display

If you are tired of always clean up children’s room with all the books were scattered. Stack them sky high on these ledges, a clever way to show children’s books and make the room look neat.

Spice Collection

For you who like to cook might be able to hang ledges on the kitchen wall to be able to save all the flavor options are within easy reach. You will never lose through all your cupboards to find spices disappear again.

Shoe Storage

IKEA picture ledges can also be transformed into a versatile shoe storage.

Air Plants

One effective way to beautify the room is to add floating plants. Plants of this type is quite easy in maintenance, you only need mist them with water or dunk in bowl of water. It’s also quite a good air circulation equipment.

Jewelry Store

Do not let your favorite jewelry just caught in a jar. Try using this picture ledges to hang all the jewels on individual hooks. Now it will no longer tangled jewelry you get when you want immediate need.

Bike Rack

As a bike rack hanging solution.

Bathroom Vanity

The storage rack is suitable for narrow bathroom. Place them on top of your faucet and under the mirror so that you can add a few items such as soap, candles and toothpaste. This will allow you to find them when you need them.

Plates Storage

Utilizing your beautiful plates into wall art decor with this picture ledge. You will find them to be more organized, while also serving unique wall art.

Craft Supplies

You are like the craft can try this storage rack. I think this will help you find all the things you need when you start working.

Purses Rack

Adding a narrow shelf at entrance you become a smart way to utilize the space, you can use it as a storage place for your collection bag.


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