10 Simple Ways To Kitchen Look More Beautiful

Are you bored with plain white tiles and wall colors were mediocre in your kitchen? Kitchen decor does provide a lot of options, but usually even make you confused to decide. Today I want to inspire you 10 simple ways to kitchen look more beautiful. I believe the following kitchen ideas is enough to change the look of your kitchen.

Geometric Kitchen Wall

Bright, assertive, and interesting. The specialty of this kind is certainly an attraction for your kitchen. You can make the kitchen look like this, with patterned mosaic tiles, by applying the paint carefully.

Kitchen With Zig Zag Color

A simple zig zag motive can be seen refreshingly and fun if you choose the color combination of green turquoise and white.

Kitchen Rack With Bright Open Shelves

Everyone can do this. Quite remove color in the glass cabinet door at the top, and paint the back side with a colorful light. Next, match them with the color of the walls, as seen in the picture above, to produce a beautiful display.

Kitchen Chalkboard

This is very useful for those of you who are just learning to cook, you can write recipes, schedule or anything on kitchen blackboard.

Magnetic Kitchen Wall

Stainless steel fridge already is common. Because it contains a magnet, we can put anything, such as a small message or magnets. Why do not you try out the idea of this magnet on your kitchen wall? This shiny iron can look cool and show your personality creative.

Kitchen Wallpaper

Wallpaper very nice applied on kitchen wall. Wallpaper has a motive that is very diverse and interesting than if you just use a plain wall paint. Apply wallpaper near the stove. Besides beautiful, also can protect the wall from splashes of cooking material you.

Kitchen Fridge And Wall Color

This small fridge is to show the personality of the owner’s kitchen. To harmonize with zoom, install wallpaper matching with the fridge.

Concrete Kitchen Wall

Give one side of the kitchen with the cement concrete wall that can be inscribed with chalk. While cooking, you can have fun by drawing sketches or writing a shopping list. Can also be used by children when you have to cook while keeping them.

Zig Zag Kitchen Floor

It’s interesting if it has a zig zag patterned kitchen floor like this. Try to apply a simple tiled with two different colors in a zig zag pattern.

Chessboard Kitchen Floor

This pattern like a chessboard patterned floor of black and white plain. But with the right kitchen setting you can turn it into a remarkable, even a small kitchen look more spacious than its size.


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