10 Tips And Creative Ideas For Your Office Desk

One way to improve the spirit of work is office desk decoration. It can be applied to a work desk in the office, can also be applied for you who work at home as a writer, graphic designer, web developer, manager of online media and many more. Below I have compiled 10 tips and creative ideas for your desk. Just scroll down and do not miss to read!

Brightly Equipment

Rather than choose a standard color such as black and white, try switching to bright colors. Green and yellow color is believed to enhance creativity. While blue and pink can make the atmosphere feel more peaceful.

Bring Own Equipment

If it allowed the office, you can own some equipment from home such as mouse, mouse pad, small drawers, or place their own stationery. Model and color is your own choice, which would certainly be more comfortable, at least to ourselves.

Office Desk Wallpaper

If you are tired of seeing the standard wallpaper with plain color, try changing the wallpaper with an interesting theme that can be found on various websites. Work desk be seen more privacy.

Colorful Post-it

To make it easier to remember your tasks, use sticky notes or post-it color, then placed near the computer at the office desk or your office desk.

Outboard Posters

If the cubicles into your workspace, garnished cubicles by putting up posters or pieces of magazine pages. In order not to contaminate the cubicle, you should not use insulation that usually stick to a strong and leave scars.

Putting Frame

Office desk decoration is also done by displaying photographs and special memories for you. Choose a form of photo memories with friends or family, and put them in a unique figura. Besides beautifying office desk, a photo in figura can also make you remember those happy times. You can get a shot of motivation to work.

Spirit Quotes

Spirit quotes can be installed as part of an office desk decoration. This is to pep up your work and performance. Put in places that are easily visible.

Small Plants

Put a small plant on the desk on your workspace. For example cactus plant that is simple yet elegant. May also use other plants with green leaf color, because it is able to clean up pollution, and make you more motivation to work.

Objects Memorable

Try to place the objects that have special memories for you. For example charter achievement, a gift from a friend, and so forth. These objects could be a nice decoration, once reminded about what you’ve achieved so far.

Keep Nicety

Sometimes a little is better, so you do not have to bother picking up the mess. Make sure the decoration items you do not interfere with work. So keep nicety.


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