15 Inspiring Bohemian Porch With Colored Textiles

We continue to inform you about stunning boho decor, and today it’s time for outdoors! Let’s see how to decorate porch in this style. Some people call it bohemian style and it was not far than true, it is colorful and inspirational style. I think this is an idea that is perfect for spring and summer. You will see the flow of colored textiles, bright accessories and Moroccan inspired pieces. If you have a large patio and want to spend time there, start by thinking boho style with hanging large curtain. Feel free to use bright textiles and shabby chic furniture, you can even find them in your warehouse. Add potted plants, Moroccan rugs and lanterns will enhance your porch decor. Cool impression but not stiff was typical of bohemian style design, so if you want a different look then you need to look at the gallery below!

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