35 Amazing Christmas Staircase With Banister Ornaments

Just a few weeks we will welcome Christmas, so it would not hurt you begin to prepare for Christmas decors to make it special. Posted today we are still discussing about Christmas decors, and I want to inspire you to decorate your staircase in the best way to use what you have on hand to make the holiday decor was stunning even with simple staircase. Stairs are important because usually at the entrance, and every guest who come will see this and feel Christmas decorations as well. Stairs are also an important part of the house, when you and your family will come down from bedroom instantly staircase decor will raise your mood in a few seconds. There are many ways to decorate a staircase and one of the most popular is the use of wreaths or natural theme and place them on the banister.

Usually we decorate banisters for the decor as it did not deter from walking up and down. A wreath is right remains the best choice you need to make your staircase is absolutely beautiful, and you can give your stairs every look and style is not limited. Evergreen wreaths of course most popular because they are suitable for any style and theme, all you need is to add a few lights or christmas ornaments to make it special. If you are creative, add some ornaments of all kinds, such as trinkets, lanterns, stockings or even fresh and green leaves of various types. For a more simple, just wrap the staircase with wreaths and pine adding a big bow on it. Or you want decorating modern staircase, you can hang some colorful ornaments on the banister, it is quite easy as there are no wreaths required for modern look. Scroll down for more inspiration!


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