35 Inspiring Farmhouse Christmas Decorations

Christmas is still one month away, but I can not wait to celebrate by decorating the house to make it more festive. I have started to collect all the inspiration that I can get from various sources, ultimately the choice fell on Christmas decor is rustic and farmhouse style. I chose this theme because I think they are very cheap without having to buy all the ornaments and wreaths that require budget fantastic enough, and it was so stole my heart. It’s hard to believe all that is beautiful, stunning and creative we can make with wood, especially old wood and even with simple branches. This post will open your eyes to how to use items around into rustic Christmas decorations that will steal everyone’s heart. So I decided to make the rounds of inspiration about it to accomplish what I want to do this year. Christmas decorations you will see will be very simple, but it would be better than buying in the store, because all that we made ourselves more to make us happy. Let’s check it out!


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