Super Comfy Bed In A Bag For Kids

When our first child was invited to stay at a friend’s house, I thought it was a great experience to its development. His age is now 4 years and I see it grow up with a lot of fun and friends who loved him. I do not doubt that soon the time will come where he will bring friends to stay with us as well. After looking for some inspiration, I look at the catalog of The Great Little Trading Company and found a cool sleeping bag and rolled up mattress. I think their ideas is absolutely brilliant, you can roll them into a bag that can be easily stored neatly but super soft and comfy, in a pattern that looks wonderful excitement while being practical. They are made of super soft cotton with traditional forms such as sleeping bags, available in 3 colors: gray, blue and pink so suitable for girls and boys. Even if your child does not sleepovers, at least you know that it had had a good night’s sleep, and I believe it deserves to be the next register your investment!

Buy It: Great Little


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