10 Brilliant IKEA Hacks For Your Pets Will Love

Pets are human best friends and living with them is an exciting experience that offers a unique set of decorating dilemmas. As their friend, you definitely want your furry friends feel comfortable, but you also do not really like about giant cat tower ideas or dog crate that takes a lot of floors in your room. Today we will try to work around this with a brilliant IKEA hack, I think pets will love this project as much as we do, and cheap furniture ensures you will not be afraid anymore if you have an accident that has to spend a lot of budget. Whether you are currently trying to conceal a litter box, or just looking for inspiration about dog house that is not too expensive. Here are 10 IKEA hacks for your pet from brit+co which I’m sure all pets will love. Let’s check!

1. Cats usually will be happy to perch, and if you do not have much space this idea could be a good alternative.

2. IKEA hack is pretty simple, just take a wicker basket IKEA and paste it into the wall and add a pillow to sleep on your cat.

3. DIY this food bowl is very liked cat, you also can set its own height to ease them to eat.

4. This is the day your cat is lazing around, and IKEA stack lack will be a stylish bed to spend their day sleeping.

5. Your cat will love to climb in the tree house of IKEA, you just need to stack the table together and put it together with yarn for cat scratching.

6. Dish meal for your dog healthier now and they will breathe better when eaten with this idea. Use an IKEA computer riser for a little food shelf that do not get in the way.

7. Sometimes your vintage suitcase or old stuff can be a cool dog bed, just take a few foot balls or wooden legs from IKEA and put it on top of whatever you want.

8. IKEA tray table can also be transformed into a daybed for your cat.

9. There is always a sneaky way to hide the litter box in the living room, and IKEA side table is the right choice to do so.

10. Connect the IKEA side table to your bed to hide the dog crate, while you can still be there for them without cluttering the room decor.



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