10 Dark And Cool Dorm Room Decorations

The dorms became the second home for students when they decided to study at their favorite college. So it’s important to make the dorm feel comfortable and more like home, and today we’ll share how to add each piece to the dorm room decoration. See how we add some darkness, modernity and comfort. You can set the tone with textiles, to see the dark, we chose the colors black, gray and blue for soft goods such as blankets, rugs, paint the walls and curtains. For canopy and headboard, you can let it remain a minimalist or add fabric and throw rope lighting on it.

Dorm rooms should have smart storage space, boxes under the bed and open cabinet shelves will maximize storage space. If you often get bored with the arrangement of the rooms and stuff, then choose furniture that is easily moved to be very helpful. Some lighting such as table lamps and wall lamps is very important to support in learning, although dorm rooms are usually narrow but you can use them to the fullest. Even today there are many shelf storage units that can create serenity and hide your belongings. To store clothes, paper and snacks, use different boxes and organizers. Want to know more about this super cool dorm room decoration? Check out 10 dorm room ideas and see what you can accomplish with them!


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