10 DIY Unique Stairs Made From Unusual Ideas

Stairs are often forgotten because they are usually not something that stands out. The mediocre staircase design we often see because they are only used to get up and down the levels in the easiest way. This will be very different if you are a lover of interior design and very concerned about the decor of the room, especially if you are a person who loves the first floor or two and want to get a really unique design. However, changing the stairs can spend a lot of investment for each course you have to change stairs design that you have become stairs as you want. In addition to creativity, this post will give you instructions how to make your DIY stairs of boring to be spectacular.

Driven by the desire to navigate from floor to floor with a unique style, we have collected some unusual and creative staircases. The easiest way is to utilize the unused items to decorate an existing staircase, even the old vehicle number plate, recycling crates, old suitcases, to glassware. Meanwhile, to make it look unique, you can change the steps at the bookshelf, climbing, a means to express your imagination with colorful canvas stairs. Check out the unique stair gallery below and see what you can do to DIY your next steps!


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