20 Masculine Bathroom Ideas With Exposed Brick Walls

Walls very important role to support the beauty of the room, and the selection of wall decor is very necessary if you want to get the design space to your liking. One of the best wall elements in addition to the wooden walls are brick, they seem timeless and can be used in any room, including the bathroom. Bricks have been known to people since the early Middle Ages, usually widely used for country and country decorations. But now the brick has entered the design of modern homes, even now the brick wall is considered as a symbol of masculine decoration much preferred by men. This is a practical solution, they are cheaper and will give a lot of personality to your home. Brick walls also include strong and durable materials, and are flexible in any space.

If we want to put the wall in the bathroom, then the brick walls including materials that are easy to dirty, especially if not waterproof. So you need to remember to use bricks in wet areas, it is necessary to waterproof because it aims not only to delay the wear of materials, but also to protect them from water and moisture. To work around this, you need waterproffing such as liquid silicone, which penetrates the brick without changing zoom and can last about two years. Alternatively, you can use acrylic resins, they offer greater durability, but will slightly darken your brick walls. Whatever your choice, brick walls still look masculine for the bathroom, in addition to giving a natural impression if you want to include some indoor plants. Get inspired!


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