20 Pirate Themed Bedroom For Your Kids Adventure

Having a boy is a great happiness to our family and now he is 2 years old. I think it’s time we decorate his room and make it a fun place for him to sleep and play. The first thing I think is to think the theme is right for the boy, and because I am a fan of the Pirates of the Carribbean then our son’s room will also be taking a pirate theme. We want our son had his own adventures, there are many fun things that can be drawn from this bedroom theme as you can make the bed a pirate, change the curtains into a pirate flag or even put up a wall map to train kids to explore. Pirate bedrooms usually use blue, or brown like wood on the ship but you can also choose cool dark colors. This post I want to share 20 kids bedroom ideas with pirate theme that we are considering for our kids room later, get ready to go adventure with your kid and are you ready to sail? Let’s enjoy!


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